4 Months

4-monthsTwenty large boxes arrived on our door step last week. Flowers you ask?


Fun fall finds?






Yes that’s right folks and lots of it.

Most people would be bothered by such an arrival.


Not us.


We marvel at all of the new product we purchased back in January.


We price and pack everything up for storage. We excitedly throw around display ideas. What we will put in the window, do you think we should buy new props? How many hours will we work this Christmas?


From now until November both product and new ideas will trickle in.  Our naive August selves are looking through rose coloured glasses. The beast is only four months away. These bubbles will not burst until the second week in December. It is then that I will blog and update our up close and personal Christmas truth.



Until then we should detox and make room for the abundance of Christmas treats that fuel the Sweet Violets fire from 10 am November 12 to 12pm December 24th.  


Hope Santa is good to us this year!

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