New Brides



We like to kick off the New Year with….new brides.

Over the next few months we will meet with all of our 2015 brides.


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Getting to know different types of brides is always interesting. We have our favourites…..’ahem…’ flowers of course! The truth is you learn all about a family very fast when sitting down to discuss flowers. The old mother/daughter relationship is often tested at Sweet Violets! Of course we always stay neutral like Switzerland!




It is best we don’t forget my personnel favourite….grommzilla! You would be surprised by the number of grooms determined to have final say in all things floral. Really????




I better not let too many secrets out of the bag, you never know what the flower gods have in store for us in 2015. Do you know a 2015 bride/groomzilla send them our way!


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August Bride



August is just around the corner, bringing with it a month filled with weddings. We say goodbye to July with a record low of just two nuptials.  The violets are itching for a little wedding action.




We get antsy you see. We long for garden roses, excited brides and early Saturday mornings. Give us a hectic Friday afternoon followed by a 5pm beer break. It really is magic. Boxes upon boxes arrive Monday morning and Ta Da early Friday evening wedding bouquets line the shelves of our teeny tiny cooler.




Watch out August brides you have very eager florists on your hands. I predict sincere anticipation and endless beauty.

Bry Guy

For many years Sweet Violets teamed up with Bryan Meredith from Flowers in Motion delivery.


He was our go to guy.


Most Sweet Violets customers will remember Bryan as the friendly face delivering flowers from 2003 til’ 2011. Bryan was our second dad/grandpa/quirky uncle. He was full of life…..and way too many corny jokes. He got us out of jams more times than we wish to share!


Florists work long hours….and so do our delivery drivers. Six days a week Sweet Violets was Bryan’s second home. He came to know each of the Violets! He delivered both Kelli and Sara’s wedding flowers, he was there to take a little something to the General when Kelli’s children were born. He was what we coined as “Bry Guy”….we even had a t-shirt made one Christmas with this nick name boldly printed across the front. We like to think he got a kick out of this and all of our wacky florist ways.


It is with sadness we say goodbye to our “Bry Guy” this week.

We will always remember Bryan as a stand up guy and one hell of a delivery driver!

We will miss you!


Are we as Canadians predictable?


Poinsettias at Christmas, mums in autumn, hydrangea for Easter. Is it the plants and flowers we love or the sentimental change of seasons. We can count on rich coloured mums and vibrant orange pumpkins to usher us from long summer days to cozy autumn evenings. A fresh bouquet of yellow tulips on the kitchen table reminds us that summer will arrive …..eventually.




Love it or HATE it the strong scent of paper whites will soon fill the air, Just as jingle bell rock hits the airwaves. Personally I admire these traditions. Seasonal flowers and plants are a beautiful way of telling time. Before you know it little ghosts and goblins will be tricking but mostly treating!

4 Months

4-monthsTwenty large boxes arrived on our door step last week. Flowers you ask?


Fun fall finds?






Yes that’s right folks and lots of it.

Most people would be bothered by such an arrival.


Not us.


We marvel at all of the new product we purchased back in January.


We price and pack everything up for storage. We excitedly throw around display ideas. What we will put in the window, do you think we should buy new props? How many hours will we work this Christmas?


From now until November both product and new ideas will trickle in.  Our naive August selves are looking through rose coloured glasses. The beast is only four months away. These bubbles will not burst until the second week in December. It is then that I will blog and update our up close and personal Christmas truth.



Until then we should detox and make room for the abundance of Christmas treats that fuel the Sweet Violets fire from 10 am November 12 to 12pm December 24th.  


Hope Santa is good to us this year!