Sweet Violets Groom


He enters the store. Quietly scoping out the shop. He has a few partners in crime …sometimes to help with boxes but mostly for moral support. “He” is without a doubt a Sweet Violets groom. It is florist intuition we always know the groom to be the moment his anxious feet walk threw the door. “Groom” is Vibrating with nerves, he must get this pick up right….or else! We crack a few jokes, try our best to put him at ease and give him the low down on who gets what. We do not want “groom”ending up with moms wrist corsage. We send him on his way, best wishes to all. All the while hoping he doesn’t leave the flowers in the hot car while grabbing a beer at the Albion!

Cast and Characters

Almost daily we hear from our customers how lucky we are to come to work in such a great environment. With a smile and a nod we agree…..daily. Not only are we surrounded by all the beauty Sweet Violets has to offer we are continuously surrounded by friendship and support by each other….the “Violets.”


  • Kelli
  • sara

  • Ms. Kelli O” started the SV journey 10 years ago. Shortly followed by Sara, then Alison our resident “bear” Brenna and one short year ago Courtney D.” At the corner of Wilson and Macdonnell you will find compassion, comfort,ambition, humour, loyalty, love, sometimes frustration and yes more humour. We each bring something special to this quirky little shop. The puzzle pieces fit and we are truly blessed to have found our way here.


    • brenna
    • alison
    • courtney

Yellow Addiction

It came on fast. Really, out of nowhere. My new head over heels, stop me in my tracks addiction to the colour yellow.


  • Yellow Addiction
  • Yellow Addiction Orchids


Maybe it’s this long Canadian winter. Maybe it’s because my whole house is white. Maybe just maybe I have caught the yellow bug.




Over the last few seasons yellow has been popping up everywhere. Fun bridal bouquets exploding with vibrant local dahlias. Eclectic billy ball button holes for the groom and eye catching phaleonopsis orchid plants used as centre pieces. So many sunny options. It is impossible to see yellow and not feel happy.


Yellow addiction chics


With every minute of spring sunshine the daffodils in my garden threaten to pop. I will stand by patiently waiting, because I know it is just a matter of time before their little yellow heads appear spreading cheer all over the neighbourhood.


  • Yellow Addiction Daffodils
  • yellow-addiction-dog

My hope is to have this yellow bug spread. Most experts say that just like the sun, the colour yellow is indeed associated with cheerfulness, optimism, self esteem, courage and energy.  So with this we will wait for this cool weather to pass, knowing we can get a taste of spring with our steadfast friend, the colour yellow.