Bry Guy

For many years Sweet Violets teamed up with Bryan Meredith from Flowers in Motion delivery.


He was our go to guy.


Most Sweet Violets customers will remember Bryan as the friendly face delivering flowers from 2003 til’ 2011. Bryan was our second dad/grandpa/quirky uncle. He was full of life…..and way too many corny jokes. He got us out of jams more times than we wish to share!


Florists work long hours….and so do our delivery drivers. Six days a week Sweet Violets was Bryan’s second home. He came to know each of the Violets! He delivered both Kelli and Sara’s wedding flowers, he was there to take a little something to the General when Kelli’s children were born. He was what we coined as “Bry Guy”….we even had a t-shirt made one Christmas with this nick name boldly printed across the front. We like to think he got a kick out of this and all of our wacky florist ways.


It is with sadness we say goodbye to our “Bry Guy” this week.

We will always remember Bryan as a stand up guy and one hell of a delivery driver!

We will miss you!

3 Responses to “Bry Guy”

  1. Randy Meredith

    My Dad loved you girls and always spoke of you fondly. When he was passing, he told me that he was most concerned about all of the people he would miss, and I am sure you were among those to whom he was referring. He loved his pizza Thursday night and truly appreciated all of your support along the way. Thank you so much for you kindness and love.

  2. Ann Meredith

    Bryan wore his “Bry Guy” shirt proudly.
    He enjoyed the challenges you liked to present him with – “Will an arrangement this high and wide fit the van and how many can you take?”
    I had to make sure his jube-jube container stayed full for The Girls.
    Thank you for all the food, hugs, tears, love and support through the years.

  3. Penny Graziotto

    The Violets were always such a great part of Mom & Bryan’s conversations and stories. And what great stories! A small but high energy and functional shop full of flowers, trying to be safely arranged into an even smaller vehicle for the deliveries that would make people smile on all those special occasions. Bryan always had the widest smile when telling fun stories of the Violets. You took him to heart and shared your love in good times and hardship- your friendship has meant so much to him. I’m sure Bry Guy will be smiling down on his Violets. 🙂