New Brides



We like to kick off the New Year with….new brides.

Over the next few months we will meet with all of our 2015 brides.


  • new-bride-arrangement
  • new-bride-wreath

Getting to know different types of brides is always interesting. We have our favourites…..’ahem…’ flowers of course! The truth is you learn all about a family very fast when sitting down to discuss flowers. The old mother/daughter relationship is often tested at Sweet Violets! Of course we always stay neutral like Switzerland!




It is best we don’t forget my personnel favourite….grommzilla! You would be surprised by the number of grooms determined to have final say in all things floral. Really????




I better not let too many secrets out of the bag, you never know what the flower gods have in store for us in 2015. Do you know a 2015 bride/groomzilla send them our way!


  • new-bride-bouquet
  • new-bride-flowers

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